Design & service policy

By signing or confirming any projects to Qubic Technologies, the Clients hereby assumed that he or she has read and agreed to this Design & Service Policy. Qubic Technologies reserved the right to change and modify this policy without prior notice.

  1. Our design and service policy is straight and simple. Qubic Technologies to cover only the technical designing and development tasks on the projects only.
  2. Copy writing, photo taking, logo design, proof reading and translations are not included in any of our standard project offer unless it is specified clearly on the respective project agreements for a special arrangement.
  3. Every project will be given a warranty (technical bugs fixing only) specified on the published packages or on the quotation issued.
  4. On the deisgn of websites, the Client are only allowed a maximum of 3 set of changes. Additonal changes are charageable by Qubic Technologies.
  5. Training and User Manual will be provided only to some selected projects only unless it is agreed by both parties.
  6. Qubic Technologies's officer to visit the customers no more than 3 times per project (local area only). Additional travelling costs will be borne by the Clients and a service charge will be collected by Qubic Technologies.
  7. On customized software, mobile apps or web application developments, Qubic Technologies to quote for writing or designing the Project Functional Specifications before quoting for the entire project cost. No changes is allowed on the Functional Specifications once it is confirmed by the Client.
  8. Qubic Technologies reserved the right to reschedule the timeline if the Client failed to meet the requirments on the original project timeline.
  9. Qubic Technologies will not deal with any third party services upon project launching. For instance, online transaction disputes are to be dealt within the Client and the Online Payment Gateway Service Provider. Same goes to any other third party services.
  10. All technical bugs fixing are done remotely without visiting the Client's office. Fixing after warranty period is chargable.