Polystyrene Ban in Malaysia
In support to the Government's initiative to ban the use of Polystyrene Foam food containers by January 1, 2017, we have a big dream to gather the sponsorships from generous Corporations and Businesses to produce and supply free Paper-made Eco-Friendly food containers to the food traders and restaurants.
Polystyrene Ban in Malaysia
Qubic Technologies takes green environment programs seriously, and would like to contribute an effort to support the new move that brings chained-benefits to the society and our next generations.


By sponsoring our lunch boxes project, you get the following privileges and benefits:

  • You joined and showed support to the green projects recently introduced by the Government,
  • Help protect our next generations from diseases such as Zika, Malaria and more,
  • Get massive attention and support from the consumers, especially during the hot transition of the food packages in the country,
  • More effective way for your product branding and image compared to conventional methods,
  • Help creating awareness about Sustainability Programs available in Malaysia,
  • Help reducing the burden of food traders or consumers due to the tremendous increase of lunch box costs,
  • Leveraging a golden opportunity of a healthy viral program without any negative effects while contributing to the society at the same time.

During economy slow down,
you definitely need a
Value for Money + Super Effective
marketing method

Polystyrene Ban in Malaysia

There are many effective advertisement platforms but nothing beat this opportunity of a Value for Money versus the Effectiveness Level. Here's why:

  • The lunch boxes served with a function that no consumers will discard immediately,
  • Duration of the possession of the boxes to each consumer from purchase to discard is more than 30 minutes,
  • During the hot period, the attention from the consumers are a plus point,
  • The close proximity of your printed ad to the consumer encourages them to read the content,
  • Less or no competition of advertisements on the boxes avoided distractions from the readers.
Polystyrene Ban in Malaysia
Polystyrene Ban in Malaysia
Polystyrene Ban in Malaysia